Educational intervention for parents of adolescents with chronic illness: a pre-post test pilot study


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Educational intervention for parents of adolescents with chronic illness: a pre-post test pilot study
International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health
Akre C, Ramelet A-S, Berchtold A, Suris J-C
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Objective: This pilot experimental study tested the feasibility
and intended effect of an educational intervention
for parents to help them assist their adolescent child with
chronic illness (CI) in becoming autonomous.
Methods: A two-phase pre-post pilot intervention study
targeting parents of adolescents with CI was conducted.
Parents were allocated to group 1 and 2 and received
the four-module intervention consecutively. Intended
effect was measured through online questionnaires for
parents and adolescents before, at 2 months after, and
at 4 - 6 months after the intervention. Feasibility was
assessed through an evaluation questionnaire for parents.
Results: The most useful considered modules concerned
the future of the adolescent and parents and social life.
The most valued aspect was to exchange with other
parents going through similar problems and receiving
a new outlook on their relationship with their child. For
parents, improvement trends appeared for shared management,
parent protection, and self-efficacy, and worsening
trends appeared for coping skills, parental perception of
child vulnerability, and parental stress. For adolescents,
improvement trends appeared for self-efficacy and parental
bonding and worsening trends appeared for shared
management and coping skills.
Conclusion: Parents could benefit from peer-to-peer support
and education as they support the needed autonomy
development of their child. Future studies should test
an online platform for parents to find peer support at all
times and places.
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