The Uptake of e-Government in Switzerland: An Improbable Mismatch?


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The Uptake of e-Government in Switzerland: An Improbable Mismatch?
Cahlikova Tereza
Giauque David
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Université de Lausanne, Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques
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The objective of this PhD project consists in the analysis of drivers of and barriers to e-Government development in Switzerland and in the assessment of the utility of this specific type of public innovation for the Swiss public administration. Using a mixed-method approach that combines semistructured interviews and an expert survey, this research provides explanations related to the comparatively low ranking of the country in the matter of e-Government. The Swiss case study is here classified as a deviant one; the outcome in the matter of e-Government does not correspond to the background conditions that characterise the Swiss context. The findings show that the key factors that impact on the uptake of e-Government projects are related to organisational culture in the Swiss public administrations and to the lack of cooperation structures between different departments and levels of government. The instalment of a more innovation-friendly culture would lead to more openness toward e-Government and to the empowerment of the Swiss public sector in regard to public innovation. Due to the division of competencies defined by the Swiss federalist structures, the creation of a community that would allow for sharing innovative ideas seems to constitute the key to more cooperation and learning in the framework of e-Government projects.
e-Government, organisational culture, public innovation, Swiss public administration
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