Efficacy And Safety Of Baerveldt Aqueous Shunts In Glaucoma Secondary To Anterior Segment Irradiation, For Uveal Melanoma


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Efficacy And Safety Of Baerveldt Aqueous Shunts In Glaucoma Secondary To Anterior Segment Irradiation, For Uveal Melanoma
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ARVO E-Abstract 2631/A72
Sharkawi E., Oleszczu J.D., Bergin C., Zografos L.
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Fort Lauderdale
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Purpose: Elevated IOP is commonly associated with iris and ciliary body melanoma. Traditional management requires the majority of eyes to undergo enucleation. The authors describe the first series of Baerveldt aqueous shunts in eyes with uveal melanoma, treated by total anterior segment irradiation.Methods: 25 consecutive patients with unilateral iris melanoma were prospectively recruited after obtaining informed consent. All patients underwent anterior segment proton beam irradiation, corneal limbal autografts and Baerveldt tube implantation at Jules Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne. Postoperative examinations were performed on day 1, weeks 1,3,6,9 and months 3,6,12 and annually thereafter. Success was defined as: IOP </=18mmHg (definition A); IOP </= 21mmHg and 20% reduction in IOP (definition B). All complications were recorded.Results: Mean age was 53; mean follow up, 10.3 months; mean interval to treatment following irradiation, 2.4 years; mean pre-op IOP was 29.9 mmHg; mean post-op IOP 14.1 mmHg; mean pre-op medications 3.0; post-op medications 1.3. Success rates were, definition A: 95%; definition B: 90%. Only11% had minor complications and there were no sight-threatening complications. Aggressive ocular hypertension was observed in the several eyes prior to shunt implantation. Two eyes were enucleated for non-glaucoma related sequelae.Conclusions: Baerveldt aqueous shunts are safe and efficacious following total anterior segment irradiation for uveal melanoma. The novel interdisciplinary approach improved ocular retention rates, offering a promising alternative to current management algorithms.
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