Positive interaction outcomes through tailoring of interpersonal behavior


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Positive interaction outcomes through tailoring of interpersonal behavior
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annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, Texas
Carrard  V., Schmid Mast  M., Cousin  G.
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While certain interpersonal behaviors like smiling are related to positive interaction outcomes, not every interaction partner might profit the same from it. We posit a behavioral assimilation model claiming that if the interpersonal behavior is tailored to the needs and expectations of the interaction partner, interaction outcomes are positive. As an illustration of an interaction in which the outcomes are particularly important, we chose to investigate the physician-patient interaction. Based on the videotaping of 33 general practitioners in consultation with two of their patients (a woman and a man), we measured the difference between the physicians' nonverbal behavior presented towards each patient. We also assessed each patient's preference concerning his/her physician's communication style and patient satisfaction after the consultation. Results show that the more the physicians tailor their nonverbal behavior to their patient's preferences, the more satisfied patients are. Results are integrated in the behavioral assimilation model.
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