Chronology of extraintestinal manifestations relative to IBD diagnosis in the Swiss IBD Cohort


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Chronology of extraintestinal manifestations relative to IBD diagnosis in the Swiss IBD Cohort
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Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gastroenterology, Swiss Society of Visceral Surgery, Swiss Association of the Study of the Liver and Swiss Society of Clinical Nutrition
Vavricka S.R., Gantenbein C., Spoerri M., Prinz Vavricka M., Navarini A., Safroneeva E., Fournier N., Straumann A., Rogler G., Schoepfer A.M.
Interlaken, Switzerland, September 20-21, 2012
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Swiss Medical Weekly
Background and Aims: Due to a p aucity of s uch data we
aimed to a ssess the type and f requency o f extraintestinal
manifestations ( EIM) in I BD p atients and to e valuate their
chronologic behavior.
Methods: A nalysis of d ata from t he Swiss Inflammatory Bowel
Disease Cohort (SIBDCS) which c ollects data since 2 005 on a
large sample o f IBD patients f rom hospitals and private
practices across Switzerland.
Results: A t total o f 1,143 patients were a nalyzed ( 572 (50%)
female, mean age 42.1 ± 14.4 years), 629 with Crohn's disease
(CD), 501 with ulcerative colitis (UC), and 13 with indeterminate
colitis ( IC). Of t hese, 3 74 (32.7%) presented o ne to five E IM
(65% w ith CD, 3 3% w ith UC, 2% w ith IC). O f those patients
suffering from EIM, 4 1.7% p resented two, 1 2.4% t hree, 5 .3%
four, and 3.2% f ive E IM d uring lifetime. T he initial EIM
presented with the following frequencies: p eripheral a rthritis
(PA) 6 3.4%, ankylosing spondylitis (AS) 8 .1%, primary
sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) 6%, uveitis 5.7%, oral a phthosis
5.7%, erythema nodosum (EN) 5 %, other 3 .6%, pyoderma
gangrenosum 1.8%, psoriasis 0.7%. In only 7.1% of cases, the
EIM m anifested before IBD diagnosis was made (median time
28 months b efore IBD diagnosis, I QR 7 -60 months), in 9 2.9%
EIM m anifested a fter e stablished IBD d iagnosis (median 72
months, IQR 9-147 months).
Conclusions: EIM are a frequent problem in IBD patients. The
vast m ajority of E IM m anifest a fter I BD d iagnosis has b een
established. P eripheral a rthritis, a nkylosing spondylitis, a nd
PSC represent the most frequent first manifestations of an EIM.
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