To leave or to stay, to suffer or to choose: territorialities and possible futures


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To leave or to stay, to suffer or to choose: territorialities and possible futures
Revue française d'éthique appliquée
Camille Roelens
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This text addresses the possibility which should be guaranteed to everyone of an open future on the basis of a minimalist and substantially individualistic ethics. These issues are addressed through the double prism of educational categorization and territoriality. An articulation between these notions is a major issue today. Leaving or staying? Enduring or choosing? These are the questions that an ever-increasing number of individuals are asking themselves about territories from which and towards which they envisage their futures, in which the educational criterion is often decisive. The first part of this paper offers a rapid review of the literature among several important essays that have recently been published, which have in common the fact that they lead to a new dominant social categorization on both territorial and educational grounds. The second part provides a targeted and critical synthesis of a recent work by Benoît Coquard, which offers a striking picture of how these issues are currently unfolding in the Great East region of France. A third part looks more specifically at two of the dimensions of opening or closing individual futures that Coquard explores: those related to the possible spectrums of individual conceptions of the good life according to the degree and nature of the link envisaged with the collective; and those related to gender. A conclusive opening allows for a form of generalisation as to the more directly political dimensions of this issue of an open future guaranteed to everyone.
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