Techniques for CT and MR, post-processing, radiation.


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Techniques for CT and MR, post-processing, radiation.
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ECR 2011, European Congress of Radiology
Meuli R.A.
Vienna, Austria, March 4-8, 2011
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Brain perfusion can be assessed by CT and MR. For CT, two major techniquesare used. First, Xenon CT is an equilibrium technique based on a freely diffusibletracer. First pass of iodinated contrast injected intravenously is a second method,more widely available. Both methods are proven to be robust and quantitative,thanks to the linear relationship between contrast concentration and x-ray attenuation.For the CT methods, concern regarding x-ray doses delivered to the patientsneed to be addressed. MR is also able to assess brain perfusion using the firstpass of gadolinium based contrast agent injected intravenously. This method hasto be considered as a semi-quantitative because of the non linear relationshipbetween contrast concentration and MR signal changes. Arterial spin labelingis another MR method assessing brain perfusion without injection of contrast. Insuch case, the blood flow in the carotids is magnetically labelled by an externalradiofrequency pulse and observed during its first pass through the brain. Eachof this various CT and MR techniques have advantages and limits that will be illustratedand summarised.Learning Objectives:1. To understand and compare the different techniques for brain perfusionimaging.2. To learn about the methods of acquisition and post-processing of brainperfusion by first pass of contrast agent for CT and MR.3. To learn about non contrast MR methods (arterial spin labelling).
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