Late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic Circum-Pacific events : biostratigraphy, tectonic and ore deposits of Primoryie (Far East Russia)


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Late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic Circum-Pacific events : biostratigraphy, tectonic and ore deposits of Primoryie (Far East Russia)
Université de Lausanne, section des Sciences de la Terre
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Baud Aymon, Popova Irina, Dickins J.M., Lucas Spencer G., Zakharov Yuri D.
Mémoires de Géologie (Lausanne)
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The International Field Conference on Permian-Triassic Biostratigraphy and Toctonics of the IGCP Project 272 was held in Vladivostok, September 6-12, 1992. It was the first opening of the Vladivostok area for foreign geologists. Thirty three specialists were interested, but only thirteen were able to attend this Conference and the field trip afterwards. The participants came from Australia, China, ltaly, Japan, Switzerland and Vietnam. From the Russian side, there were more than thirty scientists participating at the Conference sessions and seven at the field trip. This Meeting was sponsored by UNESCO, IGCP Project 272 «Late Paleozoic and Barly Mesozoic Circum-Pacific Bio-Geological Events» and by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Branch (Far Eastern Geological Institute). The Organizing Committee comprised Prof. Y Zakharov (Chairman), Dr. A. Baud, (Vice Chainnan) and Dr. G.V. Kotlyar (Vice Chainnan). The Local Committee, including Profs. Y Zakharov, A. I. Khanchuk and I.V. Panchenko, had been congratulated for the excellent organization of the Field Conference, despite difficulties associated with bad weather (hurricane with a serious consequences). The unforgettable Field trip gave to the participants a unique opportunity to visit Upper Permian and Triassic sections of the Russian Island, the Ussurian Gulf and the Vladivostok area, those of the Partizansk and Nachodka areas and the famous Dalnegorsk Cretaceous olistostrome with Permian and Triassic blocks of fossiliferous limestones and radiolarites.
Twenty nine abstracts were published in the Abstract book and seven were added during the Conference sessions. The organizing committee has taken the decision to publish the materials of the presentations made during this meeting.
From September 1992 to the end of 1994 we received more than twenty nine manuscripts. The review process took about three years. Dr. J. M. Dickins (Canberra) and Dr. S. Lucas (Albuquerque) were in charge of the English edition of the texts and some reviews. Dr. I. Popova together with Prof. Y Zakharov worked on the corrections of all articles and some graphies. The edition of the first model of this issue of the «Mémoires de Géologie» and corrections of the last one was made by Dr. I. Popova. The final model of the volume was made by Mr. K. Konig.
The articles of this volume are presenting data on Tectonics, Biostratigraphy, Paleogeography, Sedimentology, Magmatism and Ore deposits of the Russian Far East territory. The first two papers of this volume give an overview on tectonics and magmatism of Primorye. The next papers comment on the Perrnian and Triassic paleogeography and biostratigraphy of the Primoryie based on ammonoids, conodonts, radiolaria, flora, ostracods, sphinctozoans and corals data. The ore-bearing deposits and the sedimentology of a heavy minerals of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains are the subject of the last two papers.
We warmly acknowledge the reviewers, their advices was of great help to the editorial board for choosing among submitted papers and for improvements of the manuscripts. They are (except the editing board): Prof. P. Baumgartner (Lausanne), Prof. J. Broutin (Paris 6), Prof. H. Bucher (Lyon), Dr. E. Carter (Vancouver), Dr. S. Crasquin (Paris 6), Dr. P. Dumitrica (Berne), Prof. J. Guex (Lausanne), Dr. F. Hirsch (Jerusalem), Prof. H. Kerp (Münster), Dr. H. Kozur (Budapest), N. Meisser (Lausanne), Dr. B. Senowbary­Daryan (Erlangen) and Prof P. Thélin (Lausanne).
Thanks to the Geological Museum and to the Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Lausanne University, for supporting part of the cost of the editing works and publication.
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