Compendium of projects in the European nanosafety cluster


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Compendium of projects in the European nanosafety cluster
Riediker Michael, Katalagarianakis Georgios
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Institute for Work and Health
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VI, 218
This is the second edition of the compendium. Since the first edition a number of important initiatives have been launched in the shape of large projects targeting integration of research infrastructure and new technology for toxicity studies and exposure monitoring.The demand for research in the area of human health and environmental safety management of nanotechnologies is present since a decade and identified by several landmark reports and studies. Several guidance documents have been published. It is not the intention of this compendium to report on these as they are widely available.It is also not the intention to publish scientific papers and research results as this task is covered by scientific conferences and the peer reviewed press.The intention of the compendium is to bring together researchers, create synergy in their work, and establish links and communication between them mainly during the actual research phase before publication of results. Towards this purpose we find useful to give emphasis to communication of projects strategic aims, extensive coverage of specific work objectives and of methods used in research, strengthening human capacities and laboratories infrastructure, supporting collaboration for common goals and joint elaboration of future plans, without compromising scientific publication potential or IP Rights.These targets are far from being achieved with the publication in its present shape. We shall continue working, though, and hope with the assistance of the research community to make significant progress. The publication will take the shape of a dynamic, frequently updated, web-based document available free of charge to all interested parties. Researchers in this domain are invited to join the effort, communicating the work being done. [Auteurs]
Nanoparticles , Risk Assessment , Risk Management , Occupational Health , Safety , Environment , Nanostructures
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