Group 4: Career development for diverse and underserved populations


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Group 4: Career development for diverse and underserved populations
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Bridging international perspectives of career development
Puertas A., Gali Cinamon R., Neault R., Pope M., Rossier J.
National Career Development Association (NCDA) - International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) - SVP
Broken Arrow, OK
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Trusty J.
Globalization and diverse populations due to migration imply that counselors are expected to deliver career services to populations from a large array of cultural settings. Moreover, individuals belonging to minority or non-dominant groups may be underserved or misserved, thus decreasing their chances of finding employment opportunities through career counseling. To develop specific interventions minority or non-dominant groups, it seems important to understand their strength and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses will be presented in terms of risk and resilience factors, such as low future orientation and social support respectively. In the last two decades, several authors have made contributions to adapt and improve career services in order to best meet these minority groups' needs. A review of this literature identified thirteen keys to effective practice. For example, one key is to take responsibility for one's own biases and prejudices. Nonetheless, some underserved groups remain difficult to identify. Comparing some basic national demographic data with data from our counseling centers may be helpful in this context in identifying specific groups and assessing needs. One solution, in order to promote social justice across (all) cultural groups, is to encourage multiculturalism in both career counseling and society as a whole. A more inclusive society would allow each person in a minority or non-dominant group to contribute more effectively to the development and growth of this society.
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