The profiling of false identity documents: a promising method to fight identity fraud


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The profiling of false identity documents: a promising method to fight identity fraud
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6th EDEWG Conference, 21-24 september 2010, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Baechler S., Fivaz E., Ribaux O., Margot P.
European Document Experts Working Group (EDEWG), European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)
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Under the influence of intelligence-led policing models, crime analysis methods have known of important developments in recent years. Applications have been proposed in several fields of forensic science to exploit and manage various types of material evidence in a systematic and more efficient way. However, nothing has been suggested so far in the field of false identity documents.This study seeks to fill this gap by proposing a simple and general method for profiling false identity documents which aims to establish links based on their visual forensic characteristics. A sample of more than 200 false identity documents including French stolen blank passports, counterfeited driving licenses from Iraq and falsified Bulgarian driving licenses was gathered from nine Swiss police departments and integrated into an ad hoc developed database called ProfID. Links detected automatically and systematically through this database were exploited and analyzed to produce strategic and tactical intelligence useful to the fight against identity document fraud.The profiling and intelligence process established for these three types of false identity documents has confirmed its efficiency, more than 30% of documents being linked. Identity document fraud appears as a structured and interregional criminality, against which material and forensic links detected between false identity documents might serve as a tool for investigation.
False identity documents , Identity fraud , Forensic intelligence , Profiling
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