Effectiveness of Electronic Human Resource Management in Public Service: A Systematic Literature Review


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Effectiveness of Electronic Human Resource Management in Public Service: A Systematic Literature Review
Mozgovoy Vadym, Mettler Tobias
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European Group for Public Administration Conference (EGPA)
This research has been supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) grant no. 172740.
Organizational performance is a particularly important issue in the context of the digitalization that supports the interactions between the state and civil servants in terms of people management issues. This study aims to advance the research on the role of HRM performance in public value creation. It addresses this topic by systematically reviewing the empirical findings regarding the effectiveness of electronic human resource management (e-HRM) in public service. The review of 12 papers examined the e-HRM factors, outcomes and consequences from the perspective of Public Service Value Creation through HRM. The review suggests that the public service organizations may achieve high effectiveness of e-HRM under certain conditions only. To advance understanding of such conditions in the e-HRM value chain, this paper proposes an Expanded Model of Public Value Creation by adding the task technology, organizational fit, strategic public service value, and e-HRM feedback loop to an existing model. In conclusion, this paper proposes future directions of scholarly inquiry for examining the e-HRM effectiveness in public sector.
Public service, e-government, electronic human resource management, organizational performance, systematic literature review
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