Open Access and Copyright


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Open Access and Copyright
Crespo-Quesada Micaela, Takeuchi Takahiro
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Université de Lausanne
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Are you a teacher, researcher, assistant or student at the university and you are writing an article, a thesis, a research report or other that should soon be published? This guide was written to give you an overview of the rights that may protect your work hoping that you will no longer systematically renounce them to publishers and that this will allow you to publish in Open Access in one of its many forms.
The first chapter explores the legal basis for publishing in Open Access. It explains what copyright is, how it is composed, as well as other rights that may be applicable when your work is published.
The second chapter explains the editorial process and the possibilities for transferring your rights when you sign a publishing contract. You will also learn about the legal differences between conventional and Open Access publishing.
You will also find in the third section a diagram that shows you your possibilities for publishing articles in Open Access and the resources associated with them to facilitate the task. Some suggestions are also given regarding the publication of Open Access books.
Finally, you can consult the frequently asked questions in the fourth section where you will find the answers to many questions about Open Access publishing and copyright.
Open Access, copyright, publication
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