A feasability study of the analysis of the economic outcomes of specialized nutrition in obesity and weight management in Switzerland


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A Master's thesis.
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Continuing education (thesis)
A feasability study of the analysis of the economic outcomes of specialized nutrition in obesity and weight management in Switzerland
Antipas Nicole
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Université de Lausanne, Faculté des hautes études commerciales
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Mémoire / Institute of Health Economics and Management ; no 128
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Master of Advanced Studies en économie et politique du medicament - Master of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy (MASPEP) Mention de responsabiblité : / Nicole Antipas SAPHIRID:81778
The increasing prevalence of obesity and its associated complications requires specialized care to improve outcomes and control health care costs. Obesity is associated with numerous serious and costly medical problems requiring specialized care in managing health.
The economic burden of obesity includes increased inpatient and outpatient medical expenditures as well as employer-related issues of absenteeism and associate costs. The objectives of this study are:
- To describe the health consequences and the economic burden of obesity,
- To review the existing treatment
- To argue in favor of a specialized nutritional intervention that has shown to improve health and reduce obesity related health care costs. Therefore, expose the possibility of introducing the specialized nutrition in Switzerland and the feasibility of this project considering the medical trends and reimbursement system in Switzerland
The benefits and outcomes for the patients will be the significant weight loss which reduces the severity and risk factors for complications and the improved health and quality of life.
Weight loss will be a combination of a diet, exercise and behavioral interventions which are the basic recommendations for obesity treatment in addition to the specialized nutritional support.
By nutritional support, we mean products that are intended to provide nutritional support in the dietary management of people with specific diseases and conditions when adequate intake of regular foods is compromised.
These products are called, Food for special medical purposes FSMP. They are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or have a direct impact on disease in a manner similar to drugs or other medical treatments and should be used under medical supervision. They also provide a low cost alternative to surgery.
From a health care system perspective, the specialized nutrition will drive its advantage by reducing the utilization of medical services for obesity associated complications like medication, physician's consultations and surgical interventions arriving to a cost effective care for the hospitals, the health care organizations and the third party payers which are the health insurances. [Author, p. 4]
Obesity, Diet, Reducing, Food, Formulated
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