Testing Framework for Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Beds (GITB)


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Testing Framework for Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Beds (GITB)
Bausà Oriol, Cho Hyunbo, Durand Jacques, Dreher Michael, Fowler Tim, Iveciz Nenad, Kabak Yildiray, Legner Christine, Stein Michael
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CEN - European Committee for Standardization
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CWA 16408:2012
CEN Workshop Agreement
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This CEN Workshop Agreement summarizes the results of the GITB project's second phase (http://www.ebusiness-testbed.eu/).
The Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB) project aims at
1) developing the required global Testing Framework, architecture and methodologies for state-of-the-art eBusiness Specifications and profiles covering all layers of the interoperability stack (business processes, business documents, transport and communication);
2) supporting the realization of GITB as a network of multiple Test Beds, thereby leveraging existing and future testing capabilities from different stakeholders (for example standards development organizations and industry consortia, Test Bed Providers, and accreditation / certification authorities);
3) establishing under EU support and guidance, a setup of a comprehensive and global eBusiness interoperability Test Bed infrastructure in a global collaboration of European, North American and Asian partners.
Main result of the second phase is the GITB Testing Framework which comprises architecture, methodology and guidelines for assisting in the creation, use and coordination of Test Beds,
• Test Artifacts (test logic, test configuration and test output documents),
• Test Service and interface definitions (design, deploy, execute, search),
• Test Bed Components (core platform and user-facing components as well as "plug-ins" for specific
testing capabilities),
• a Test Registry and Repository (for managing, archiving and sharing distributed Testing Resources).
This GITB Testing Framework has been instantiated and validated for the use cases, and a pilot implementation has been done in one case.
e-Business, e-Government, standards, testing, test bed, automotive, e-procurement, e-health,
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09/04/2012 19:31
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20/08/2019 15:57
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