Waste management and the green economy: law & policy


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Waste management and the green economy: law & policy
Edward Elgar
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Kummer-Peiry Katharina, Ziegler  Andreas R., Baumgartner Jorun
Can waste become a profitable business rather than a costly problem, creating green business opportunities and green jobs while protecting the environment? Might this reduce illegal trade and improper recycling of hazardous wastes by making the legitimate alternatives more attractive? Addressing these questions, this book examines environmentally sound waste management as a driver in the transition to a green economy, and discusses how this transition is challenged by technical limitations, weak regulatory environments and lack of financial incentives.
This in-depth analysis of the link between waste management and a green economy identifies key elements of a solid overarching legal and policy framework that could address these challenges, noting that consistent implementation and enforcement is crucial. It complements its examination of the legal and policy issues with contributions on technical and economic aspects, taking into account the interdisciplinary nature of the problem, and offers a perspective from Asia, where the challenges of waste management as well as the possible opportunities are particularly significant.
With interdisciplinary authorship and contributions drawn from academia and practice, this book will be a timely resource for academics and practitioners in the areas of law, policy and economics. It will also provide insights for civil servants engaged in waste policy and related areas, private sector operators engaged in waste management and sustainable development, and non-governmental organizations engaged in environmental protection and poverty reduction efforts.
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