Slavery Inquiry Report, Jesus College Cambridge


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Slavery Inquiry Report, Jesus College Cambridge
Mottier Veronique, Athol Robert, Edwards Michael, Grower Julius, Robson Elly, Jeppesen Christopher, Fennell Shailaja, Fenton-Glynn Claire, Morieux Renaud, Clarke Rohan, Taneja Preti
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Jesus College, University of Cambridge
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In November 2019, Jesus College, Cambridge became the first College in Cambridge or Oxford to publish the results of its ongoing inquiry into the ways in which the College benefitted from slavery and colonial violence. The uploaded Report presents the results of the first phase of the work carried out by the Legacy of Slavery Working Party (LSWP), Chaired by Veronique Mottier.
The work of the LSWP was carried out by Veronique Mottier, Robert Athol, Michael Edwards, Julius Grower, Elly Robson, Christopher Jeppesen, Claire Fenton-Glynn, Shailaja Fennell, Renaud Morieux, Preti Taneja and Rohan Clarke, and scrutinised by External Member Prof. Verene Shepherd from the University of Mona/Jamaica.
The Inquiry aims to examine the place of Jesus College in relation to the wider dynamics of slavery, colonial administration, colonial violence, racial science and long-term financial and social legacies including institutional exclusions and under-representation.
Note that the College Inquiry runs parallel to, but is independent from, the wider Cambridge University Legacies of Enslavement Inquiry, for more information, see:
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