Emotional anticipation of the school-to-work transition: A latent profile analysis


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Emotional anticipation of the school-to-work transition: A latent profile analysis
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18th Biennial EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction
Parmentier Michaël, Pirsoul Thomas, Nils Frédéric
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Job and career transitions, such as the school-to-work transition, have been widely considered as emotional and stressful in nature (Kidd, 2004). Nevertheless, research on emotion in career primarily focuses on individual differences (e.g., emotional intelligence), trait affect or felt emotions during a career event. Emotion, however, can also influence career behavior when they are related to the anticipation of an event and the prediction of its consequences for the individual (Gilbert & Wilson, 2007). In this research, we investigate how last year university students emotionally anticipated their school-to-work transition and whether we could identify groups of students that differ in terms of emotional anticipation using latent profile analysis. Specifically, we focus on anticipatory emotions defined as currently felt emotions to the prospect of a future event and its consequences for the individual. The data were collected among 307 last year university students 9 months before their transition. The latent profile analysis yielded to a 4-profiles solution that best fitted our data. The two first profiles are composed of students with low (high) levels of both positive and negative anticipatory emotions. The two last profiles are composed of students with high (low) levels of positive and low (high) levels of negative anticipatory emotions. Additional analyses further showed that emotional competence and career adaptability predict profile membership. In terms of implication, the identification of groups of students with different emotional anticipation profiles could help to better design and implement specific career interventions or university practices.
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28/04/2022 15:03
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