Micro(-)geography: Approaches, Methods, Scales ?


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Micro(-)geography: Approaches, Methods, Scales ?
André-Frédéric Hoyaux, Arthur Oldra, Emmanuelle Petit
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Micro (-) geography is a term increasingly present in academic works and scientific articles in geography but also in the other related human and social sciences of our discipline. This term is also currently used in many institutional documents (both political and cultural) dealing with public space or the urban world. Sometimes presented as a terminological innovation, the outlines of what the use of this term covers most often remain unclear. Most of the time, moreover, the term is used around a sentence without being defined, as if it were self-evident from what it would represent by its very "nature": micro and geography. That is to say, the coupling between what would on the one hand return towards the small, the reduced; and on the other hand, towards space and its potential description. Unlike microsociology or even microstoria, the very writing of the word (with or without hyphen) seems to be problematic and to split (although there is ultimately no debate today) , or more simply blurring the outlook. In addition, sometimes this term is proper, but sometimes it replaces or is also used as a synonym for other terms, especially when micro-geography is the size of the space approached, according to the usual concepts of researchers: place where local becomes micro-place or micro-local, territory becomes micro-territory, space becomes micro-space. Most often, it is the spatial dimension which seems to determine its use, sometimes it is the political dimension which prevails: micro-geopolitics. Sometimes still, it is associated with other terms using the micro prefix where the imagination of the small, the restricted is assumed more or less given by the object itself on which the researcher works, in particular in the "natural" report. that it seems to determine in games of comparative scale. A neighborhood is certainly smaller than a city, a building smaller than a neighborhood, a domestic space smaller than a building, a room smaller than an apartment or house. But who orders the dimension beforehand and in what, in fact, there is a determinism of the realities that this dimension contains, of the interactions that it provokes, of the feelings that it affects? This text introduces study days that will take place from September 2019 to summer 2021 on the subject and lays the foundations for the possible paths that will be addressed by the various speakers.
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