Bax-induced apoptosis in Leber's congenital amaurosis : a dual role in rod and cone degeneration


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Bax-induced apoptosis in Leber's congenital amaurosis : a dual role in rod and cone degeneration
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Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Cottet S., Métrailler S., Hamann S., Schorderet D.F.
ARVO E-Abstract 4462
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Purpose:We previously observed that anti- and pro-apoptotic genes of the Bcl-2 family were differentially expressed during the development of LCA in the Rpe65-/- mouse model (Cottet et al. 2006). Moreover, we reported that activation and translocation of pro-apoptotic Bax to the mitochondria was associated with apoptosis of rod photoreceptors as the disease progressed (Cottet et al. 2008). In this study we challenged whether disruption of the pro-apoptotic pro-apoptotic Bax protein is sufficient to protect photoreceptor cells against apoptosis.
Methods:Apoptosis of photoreceptor cells was addressed by TUNEL assay on flatmounted retinas. Counting of the rod nuclei within the ONL was performed following hematoxylin/eosin histological staining of retina sections. Expression level and localization of photoreceptor gene markers were assessed by quantitative PCR and immunohistological analyses.
Results:While expression of rod photoreceptor genes was decreased in Rpe65-deficient retina, expression level remained unchanged in Rpe65-/- / Bax-/- mice. Moreover, OS dysorganization and shortening as well as decrease in ONL thickness observed in diseased retina were prevented in mice lacking functional Bax protein. TUNEL assay confirmed that Bax-dependent rod photoreceptor apoptosis was abolished in Rpe65-/- / Bax-/- mice. However, early and fast degeneration of cone cells was not prevented in Rpe65-/- / Bax-/- mice, indicating that Bax-induced apoptotic pathway was not involved in the degenerating process of cones in Rpe65-deficient retina.
Conclusions:Altogether, these data show for the first time that a single genetic mutation can trigger two independent apoptotic pathways in rod and cone photoreceptors in LCA disease. While pro-apoptotic Bax is essential to trigger rod photoreceptor apoptosis, early degeneration of cones is not dependent on Bax-mediated apoptotic pathway in Rpe65-deficientmice.
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