Mir211 Is Dysregulated In Conjunctival Melanocytic proliferations


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Mir211 Is Dysregulated In Conjunctival Melanocytic proliferations
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ARVO E-Abstract 5613
Moulin A.P., Nicolas M., Schalenbourg A., Hamedani M., Zografos L., Duncan L.
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
Fort Lauderdale
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Purpose Downregulation of TRPM1 mRNA, a transient receptor potential cation channel, has been identified in highly metastatic cutaneous melanoma cell lines. TRPM1 mRNA expression is inversely correlated with skin melanoma metastases. Recent evidence has demonstrated that the tumor suppressive activity of TRPM1 is due to miR211 situated in intron 6 of TRPM1. As we have previously identified a downregulation of TRPM1 mRNA expression in conjunctival melanoma, we decided to assess miR211 expression and its potential target gene IGF2R and KCNMA1 in conjunctival melanocytic proliferations. As MITF has been shown to regulate both TRPM1 and mir211 expression, we also assessed MITF expression in our series. Methods Expression of miR211 was assessed by in situ hybridization in 14 conjunctival naevi and 14 conjunctival melanoma. Integrity of miRNA in tissues was evaluated in each sample with the preservation of miR126 expression in endothelial cells. Protein expression of MITF, IGF2R and KCNMA1 was assessed by immunohistochemistry. Statistical analysis was performed with JUMP 8,0 software. In situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry were assessed independently by two observers. Results There were 7 subepithelial nevi and 7 compound nevi. There were 5 female and 9 male. The population mean age was 48.7 ± 6.4 years (SEM). miR211 was found in 11 nevi (79%). MITF was expressed in all the nevi. IGF2R was found in 13 nevi. KCNMA1 was found in 57% of the nevi.The melanoma group was composed of 9 females and 5 males with a mean age of 67 ± 4.8 years (SEM). Using the recent TNM classification, 5 tumors were belonging to the T1, 3 to theT2 and 6 to the T3 categories. miR211 was found in 5 melanoma (36%). There was a significant downregulation of miR211 in the melanoma compared to the nevi (p=0,0219). MITF was found in 13 melanoma (93%). IGF2R and KCNMA1 were respectively found in 71% and 77% of the melanoma. There was no significant differential expression of MITF, KCNMA1 and IGF2R between the nevi and the melanoma as well as no association between miR211 expression and protein expression of two potential target genes Conclusions In vivo miR211 is significantly reduced in conjunctival melanoma compared to conjunctival nevi. No correlation between mir211 expression and two potential target genes KCNMA1 and IGF2R was observed.
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20/08/2012 15:24
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