Experiment FIRST: Fragmentation of \textlesssup\textgreater12\textless/sup\textgreaterC beam at 400 MeV/u


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Experiment FIRST: Fragmentation of \textlesssup\textgreater12\textless/sup\textgreaterC beam at 400 MeV/u
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IEEE Nucl. Sci. Symp. Conf. Rec.
Introzzi R., Abou-Haidar Z., Agodi C., Alvarez M.A.G., Aumann T., Balestra F., Battistoni G., Bocci A., Böhlen T.T., Boudard A., Brunetti A., Carpinelli M., Cirrone G.A.P., Cortés-Giraldo M.A., Cuttone G., De Napoli M., Durante M., Fernández-Garcia J.P., Finck C., Golosio B., Iarocci E., Iazzi F., Ickert G., Juliani D., Krimmer J., Kummali A.H., Kurz N., Labalme M., Lavagno A., Leifels Y., Le Févre A., Leray S., Liu B., Marchetto F., Monaco V., Morone M.C., Nicolosi D., Oliva P., Paoloni A., Patera V., Piersanti L., Pleskac R., Randazzo N., Romano F., Rossi D., Rosso V., Rousseau M., Sacchi R., Sala P., Samuel S., Sarti A., Scheidenberger C., Schuy C., Sciubba A., Sfienti C., Simon H., Sipala V., Spiriti E., Stuttge L., Toppi M., Tropea S., Younis H.
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The knowledge about fragmentation processes in ion-ion interactions is fundamental in hadrontherapy and radiation protection in space missions. Hadrontherapy, based on 12C, features many advantages with respect to conventional radiation therapy with photons due to the possibility to shape the dose delivery region in tissues but side effects of the projectile fragmentation in healthy tissues are not negligible. NASA recently pointed out that measurements for some light ions and kinetic energies are missing in nuclear fragmentation databases. FIRST experiment aims to measure the fragmentation doubledifferential cross section of 12C in the energy range 100-1000 MeV/u on several elements, constituents of organic tissues and electronic devices, in order to fill some of the mentioned lack of information on light ions. A first set of data has been taken in 2011 at GSI (Darmstadt), using 12C beam at 400 MeV/u on C and Au targets. About 3·107 events with C target and 5 × 106 with Au target were recorded. Together with these data other sets of runs have been collected to calibrate the forward part of the whole experimental setup, the ToF-Wall. The calibration procedure and the detector performances, which fit the experiment requirements for what concerns efficiency, resolution and stability, will be illustrated. Moreover, some preliminary results concerning the 12C-12C elastic scattering, in agreement with the Rutherford model, will be presented. © 2013 IEEE.
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