Pediatric CT: Set-up of a Dose Optimization Process


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Pediatric CT: Set-up of a Dose Optimization Process
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RSNA 2006, Radiological Society of North America, 92nd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting
Verdun F., Gutierrez D., Chlapoutaki C., Schnyder P., Gudinchet F.
Chicago, Illinois, November 26-December 1, 2006
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PURPOSE/AIm: To present a methodology to set-up diagnostic reference levels (DRL) in pediatric CT on the basis OF our own experience. It is intended to explicit the CT dose indicators (CTDI, DLP, dose efficiency parameters) and the concept OF DRL. The exhibit will also discuss the over-ranging problematics and the potential OF automatic exposure devices.
CONTENT ORGANIZATION: The exhibit will present the concept OF CTDI and DLP and their relationships on patient dose and image quality. The dose efficiency parameter and the impact OF the over-ranging effect OF the acquisition for various MDCT generations (4 to 64 rows)will be then discussed. The DRL concept will be introduced by means OF the results OF a survey we have organised. The range OF image quality obtained within this survey will be shown. Finally our DRL will be compared with published data.
SUMMARY: The main difficulty to set-up DRL is the understanding OF the CT dose indicator. Our experience have shown that a simple presentation allows to organise a dosimeric survey by means OF questionnaires in a reliable way.Our DRL will be compared with published data and will provide radiologists with VALUEs that might help them to reconsider their acquisition protocols. Finally, these results will help radiologists to set the automatic exposure parameters in order to spare as much as possible dose.
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