Official Positions for FRAX® clinical regarding international differences from Joint Official Positions Development Conference of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and International Osteoporosis Foundation on FRAX®.


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Official Positions for FRAX® clinical regarding international differences from Joint Official Positions Development Conference of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and International Osteoporosis Foundation on FRAX®.
Journal of Clinical Densitometry
Cauley J.A., El-Hajj Fuleihan G., Arabi A., Fujiwara S., Ragi-Eis S., Calderon A., Chionh S.B., Chen Z., Curtis J.R., Danielson M.E., Hanley D.A., Kroger H., Kung A.W., Lesnyak O., Nieves J., Pluskiewicz W., El Rassi R., Silverman S., Schott A.M., Rizzoli R., Luckey M.
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Hans DB., Cooper C., Baim S., Dawson-Hughes B., Kanis JA., Leslie WD., Luckey MM., Rizzoli R., Poiana C., Bilezekian JP., Papapoulos SE., McCloskey EV., Binkley N., Adachi JD., Baim S., Blank RD., Boonen S., Broy SB., Bruyere O., Chandran M., Cooper C., Dawson-Hughes B., Eastell R., Ensrud K., Dimai HP., Foldes J., Garnero P., Geusen PP., Griesmacher A., Hannan MT., Kanis JA., Kleerekoper M., Krieg MA., Langdahl B., Laster A., Leib ES., Masud T., McClung M., Morris H., Ortolani S., Saag KG., Siris E., Silverman S., Bobo Tanner S., Trenti T., Vasikaran S., Vestergaard P., Wahl DA., Michael Lewiecki E., Compston JE., Adachi JD., Adams JE., Adler RA., Bauer DC., Blake GM., Clark P., Diez-Perez A., Hans DB., Josse RG., Kanis JA., Kendler DL., Khan AA., Krieg MA., Leslie WD., Lorenc RR., Moayyeri A., Masri BK., Miller PD., Cauley JA., Fuleihan el-HG., Arabi A., Calderon A., Chen Z., Chionh SB., Curtis J., Danielson ME., Fujiwara S., Hanley D., Kroger H., Kung A., Lesnyak O., Looker A., Luckey MM., Mellstrom D., Nieves J., Pluskiewicz W., Rassi RE., Rizzoli R., Ragi-Eis S., Silverman S., Schott-Pethelaz A., Bilezekian JP., Papapoulos SE., Adachi JD., Blank RD., Chapurlat R., Chih-Hsing W., Czerwinski E., Perez AD., Dimai HP., Fuleihan el-HG., Fujiwara S., Ionescu RM., Kanis JA., McClung M., Stepan J., Ragi-Eis S., Saag KG., Schousboe JT., Yu W., Zerbini C., Brown PD., McKenney P., Johansson H., Nagy J., Oden A., Wahl DA.
1094-6950 (Print)
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Osteoporosis is a serious worldwide epidemic. Increased risk of fractures is the hallmark of the disease and is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and economic burden. FRAX® is a web-based tool developed by the Sheffield WHO Collaborating Center team, that integrates clinical risk factors, femoral neck BMD, country specific mortality and fracture data and calculates the 10 year fracture probability in order to help health care professionals identify patients who need treatment. However, only 31 countries have a FRAX® calculator at the time paper was accepted for publication. In the absence of a FRAX® model for a particular country, it has been suggested to use a surrogate country for which the epidemiology of osteoporosis most closely approximates the index country. More specific recommendations for clinicians in these countries are not available. In North America, concerns have also been raised regarding the assumptions used to construct the US ethnic specific FRAX® calculators with respect to the correction factors applied to derive fracture probabilities in Blacks, Asians and Hispanics in comparison to Whites. In addition, questions were raised about calculating fracture risk in other ethnic groups e.g., Native Americans and First Canadians. In order to provide additional guidance to clinicians, a FRAX® International Task Force was formed to address specific questions raised by physicians in countries without FRAX® calculators and seeking to integrate FRAX® into their clinical practice. The main questions that the task force tried to answer were the following: The Task Force members conducted appropriate literature reviews and developed preliminary statements that were discussed and graded by a panel of experts at the ISCD-IOF joint conference. The statements approved by the panel of experts are discussed in the current paper.
African Continental Ancestry Group, Asian Continental Ancestry Group, Bone Density, Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted, Femur Neck/pathology, Femur Neck/radiography, Hip Fractures/diagnosis, Hip Fractures/ethnology, Hispanic Americans, Humans, Osteoporotic Fractures/diagnosis, Osteoporotic Fractures/ethnology, Risk Assessment
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