Compliance of hospitality premises to the ban on smoking in all enclosed public places in the Seychelles


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Compliance of hospitality premises to the ban on smoking in all enclosed public places in the Seychelles
Bovet P., Viswanathan B., Bastienne H., Gedeon J.
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Health Ministry, Republic of Seychelles
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In Seychelles, comprehensive tobacco control legislation enacted in 2009, and subsequent regulations, ban smoking in all enclosed places (defined as any area under a fixed or transient roof). A survey in October-November 2014 assessed i) the compliance to the Act and these regulations in 63 restaurants, bars or discotheques and ii) knowledge of the Tobacco control Act and these regulations of supervisors and managers of these hospitality premises; (47 agreed to answer). No person was found smoking in 92% of all premises. However, "no smoking" signs did not conform to regulations in >70% of premises, and ashtrays were seen in 17% of enclosed premises. All supervisors and managers (100%) knew that smoking is banned in enclosed premises but <15% knew the fines liable to persons, respective owners of enclosed places, when a person smokes in an enclosed premise. Furthermore, 60% of supervisors were not aware that no smoking signs must comply with a specific regulation and 40% were not aware that ashtrays are not permitted in enclosed premises. In conclusion, the positive finding is that few persons smoke in restaurants, bars and discotheques, but the survey also showed that several aspects of regulations for tobacco control in enclosed premises are not well implemented. This calls for further information campaigns targeting both the public and the managers of hospitality premises, but also for strengthening enforcement measures, including fines for offenses. Scaling up comprehensive tobacco control measures, including full enforcement of clean air policy, is of paramount importance to meet the national target of 30% reduction of the smoking prevalence between 2010 and 2025.
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