Standardised convolutional filtering for radiomics


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Standardised convolutional filtering for radiomics
Adrien Depeursinge, Vincent Andrearczyk, Philip Whybra, Joost van Griethuysen, Henning Müller, Roger Schaer, Martin Vallières, Alex Zwanenburg
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HES-SO Valais-Wallis
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The Image Biomarker Standardisation Initiative (IBSI) aims to improve reproducibility of radiomics studies by standardising the computational process of extracting image biomarkers (features) from images. We have previously established reference values for 169 commonly used features, created a standard radiomics image processing scheme, and developed reporting guidelines for radiomic studies. However, several aspects are not standardised. Here we present a preliminary version of a reference manual on the use of convolutional image filters in radiomics. Filters, such as wavelets or Laplacian of Gaussian filters, play an important part in emphasising specific image characteristics such as edges and blobs. Features derived from filter response maps have been found to be poorly reproducible. This reference manual forms the basis of ongoing work on standardising convolutional filters in radiomics, and will be updated as this work progresses.
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29/08/2023 8:44
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13/10/2023 15:12
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