Health education of diabetes as a chronic disease : transmission of information or active appropriation ?


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Health education of diabetes as a chronic disease : transmission of information or active appropriation ?
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Expansion(s) of experience : symbolic and material dimensions
Dos Santos Mamed M.
Université de Neuchâtel - Institut de Psychologie et Education
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Workshop at the University of Neuchâtel, November 6-7, 2014.
Résumé du poster : Diabetes is both an important chronic disease and a real public health problem. It requires a great control over the body and a great mastery of the tools used in the daily struggle to reach a physiological balance. It is therefore a disease in which health education plays an important role, since patients are expected to reach a certain autonomy in the management of their disease. But how can the patients' autonomy be promoted? This is the question to which this study tried to answer from the perspective of socio-cultural psychology.
The study was launched by the Cantonal Diabetes Program Vaud and aimed at evaluating a health education setting located in the east region of the Canton Vaud. It was based on both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches.
The results showed that there is a correlation between the number of hospitalizations and the quality of support provided by this particular health education setting. Moreover, the acquisition of expertise appears to be a distributed and collective process based upon the actors' active participation in various types of activities and involving and extended network.
Further research is now required in order to examine how health education might be grasped through the lens of social-cultural psychology.
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