La Circulation des images: cinéma, photographie et nouveaux médias / Die Zirkulation der Bilder: Film, Fotografie und neue Medien


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La Circulation des images: cinéma, photographie et nouveaux médias / Die Zirkulation der Bilder: Film, Fotografie und neue Medien
Berton Mireille, Bouchez Charlotte, Trenka Susie
Schüren Verlag
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Réseau / Netzwerk Cinéma CH
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This collective book is the concrete outcome of a project that was launched two and a half years ago in the University of Lausanne from a group of graduate students who had the idea of a book focusing on a single concept that would allow them to work together, alongside with their colleagues from the University of Zurich, and at the same time to present, each one of them, a part of their ongoing PhD research. This bilingual book includes articles both in French and German written by a number of PhD candidates from the Universities of Lausanne and Zurich, participating in the doctoral program named Dispositives of vision: movies, photography and new medias, directed by the professors Margrit Tröhler and Maria Tortajada. The topic of the circulation of images was finally chosen because it was broad enough to deal with different research subjects and different medias that our doctoral program tackles with on a regular basis: cinema, photography, and of course the so-called “new medias”. The result is highly representative of the richness and the coherence of this doctoral program, each article presenting a specific case study developing research topics and hypotheses based on new sources. These ten articles for instance allow us to rethink the concepts of production, circulation and reception, and explore a variety of aspects such as the processes of a transnational circulation of images, the function of the archives, institutions and other social agents contributing to the history of a medium, the culture of participation emerging from the users themselves in the age of Internet
film studies, photography, media, images, reception, circulation, transnational, archives, prosumer, Internet, media studies, digital photography, archives, media history, history, exhibiition studies, film history
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