CESSDA Widening Activities 2018 Deliverable 5 – Gap Analysis of CESSDA Resources


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CESSDA Widening Activities 2018 Deliverable 5 – Gap Analysis of CESSDA Resources
Bornatici Christina
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After creating the CESSDA Resource Directory in the first part of the year, the project collected feedback from CESSDA partners – i.e. non-member Service Providers (SPs) – to provide a gap analysis of available resources within CESSDA and its SPs. The gap analysis was conducted during autumn with the partners.
Overall, the respondents indicated overwhelming support for the Resource Directory, confirming that the tool is useful for the building of a data archive service (DAS) and thus should be improved and kept up-to-date in the future. Most of the partners’ questions and needs relate to the archiving activities and services of the DAS, followed by the technical infrastructure, staff capacity building, and the funding and advocating of the DAS. Partners’ needs are expressed more specifically in each respective section of the document. The results show that the Resource Directory offers useful information and is an appreciated tool for the partners, which could be improved with more guidance and practical information for DAS in all development phases (i.e. conception, establishment and improvement), examples from working archives and training, as well as a more user-friendly interface.
Current resources are helpful in all categories, but more targeted resources should be developed. Among all the ideas suggested, we think that four resources are particularly crucial to develop:
● Data Archiving Expert Guide, where knowledge is systematised;
● Strategies and guidance for advocating for the needs of DAS for depositing primary data and using secondary data;
● Clear membership rules for CESSDA members;
● Help to implement locally and train staff to use the technical solution DataverseEU.
The various answers, comments, and ideas should be used further to adapt and develop future widening activities; activities from the CESSDA training, technical, tools and services, and trust working groups; and the INFRADEV proposal (GUIDE project).
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