Combination antiretroviral therapy and duration of pregnancy.


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Combination antiretroviral therapy and duration of pregnancy.
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European Collaborative Study, Swiss Mother Child HIV Cohort Study
0269-9370 (Print)
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Author(s): Aebi, C (Aebi, C); Battegay, M (Battegay, M); Bernasconi, E (Bernasconi, E); Biedermann, K (Biedermann, K); Cheseaux, JJ (Cheseaux, JJ); Drack, G (Drack, G); Erb, P (Erb, P); Flepp, M (Flepp, M); Francioli, P (Francioli, P); Furrer, HJ (Furrer, HJ); Gianinazzi, MP (Gianinazzi, MP); Gyr, T (Gyr, T); Hirschel, B (Hirschel, B); Hosli, I (Hosli, I); Hug, I (Hug, I); Irion, O (Irion, O); Keller, K (Keller, K); Kind, C (Kind, C); Laubereau, B (Laubereau, B); Lauper, U (Lauper, U); Lorenzi, P (Lorenzi, P); Matter, L (Matter, L); Nadal, D (Nadal, D); Perrin, L (Perrin, L); Rickenbach, M (Rickenbach, M); Rudin, C (Rudin, C); Schreyer, A (Schreyer, A); Schupbach, J (Schupbach, J); Telenti, A (Telenti, A); Vernazza, P (Vernazza, P); Wolf, K (Wolf, K); Wunder, D (Wunder, D); Wyler, CA (Wyler, CA); Giaquinto, C (Giaquinto, C); Ruga, E (Ruga, E); De Rossi, A (De Rossi, A); Grosch-Worner, I (Grosch-Worner, I); Seel, K (Seel, K); Schafer, A (Schafer, A); Mok, J (Mok, J); Johnstone, F (Johnstone, F); Jimenez, J (Jimenez, J); Garcia-Rodriguez, MC (Garcia-Rodriguez, MC); Bates, I (Bates, I); de Jose, I (de Jose, I); Hawkins, F (Hawkins, F); de Gevara, CL (de Gevara, CL); Pena, JM (Pena, JM); Garcia, JG (Garcia, JG); Lopez, JRA (Lopez, JRA); Asensi-Botet, F (Asensi-Botet, F); Otero, MC (Otero, MC); Perez-Tamarit, D (Perez-Tamarit, D); Ridaura, S (Ridaura, S); Gregori, P (Gregori, P); de la Torre, R (de la Torre, R); Scherpbier, H (Scherpbier, H); Kreyenbroek, M (Kreyenbroek, M); Boer, K (Boer, K); Bohlin, AB (Bohlin, AB); Lindgren, S (Lindgren, S); Ehrnst, A (Ehrnst, A); Belfrage, E (Belfrage, E); Lidman, K (Lidman, K); Christensson, B (Christensson, B); Levy, J (Levy, J); Hainaut, M (Hainaut, M); Peltier, A (Peltier, A); Barlow, P (Barlow, P); Wibaut, S (Wibaut, S); Lecroart, MC (Lecroart, MC); Ferrazin, A (Ferrazin, A); Bassetti, D (Bassetti, D); De Maria, A (De Maria, A); Gotta, C (Gotta, C); Mur, A (Mur, A); Paya, A (Paya, A); Vinolas, M (Vinolas, M); Lopez-Vilchez, MA (Lopez-Vilchez, MA); Martinez-Gomez, P (Martinez-Gomez, P); Carreras, R (Carreras, R); Coll, O (Coll, O); Fortuny, C (Fortuny, C); Boguna, J (Boguna, J); Caro, MC (Caro, MC); Canet, Y (Canet, Y); Pardi, G (Pardi, G); Ravizza, M (Ravizza, M); Guerra, B (Guerra, B); Lanari, M (Lanari, M); Bianchi, S (Bianchi, S); Bovicelli, L (Bovicelli, L); Prati, E (Prati, E); Duse, M (Duse, M); Scaravelli, G (Scaravelli, G); Stegagno, M (Stegagno, M); De Santis, M (De Santis, M); Semprini, AE (Semprini, AE); Savasi, V (Savasi, V); Vigano, A (Vigano, A); Probizer, FR (Probizer, FR); Maccabruni, A (Maccabruni, A); Bucceri, A (Bucceri, A); Rancilio, L (Rancilio, L); Taylor, GP (Taylor, GP); Lyall, H (Lyall, H); Penn, Z (Penn, Z); Valerius, NH (Valerius, NH); Martinelli, P (Martinelli, P); Buffolano, W (Buffolano, W); Sansone, M (Sansone, M); Tibaldi, C (Tibaldi, C); Ziarati, N (Ziarati, N); Benedetto, C (Benedetto, C); Niemiec, T (Niemiec, T); Horban, A (Horban, A)
Adult, Anti-HIV Agents/pharmacology, Anti-HIV Agents/therapeutic use, CD4 Lymphocyte Count, Cohort Studies, Delivery, Obstetric/methods, Drug Therapy, Combination, Female, Gestational Age, HIV Infections/drug therapy, HIV-1/physiology, Humans, Infant, Newborn, Infant, Premature, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Complications, Infectious/drug therapy, Pregnancy Complications, Infectious/virology, Pregnancy Outcome, Prospective Studies, Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors/pharmacology, Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors/therapeutic use, Substance Abuse, Intravenous, Viral Load, Zidovudine/pharmacology, Zidovudine/therapeutic use
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