D6 Review of Zotero/Resource Directory as a Platform for the Tools Directory


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D6 Review of Zotero/Resource Directory as a Platform for the Tools Directory
Glavica Marijana, Alfredsson Iris, Kranjec Irena, Bornatici Christina, Kudrnáčová Michaela
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This report delivers the results of the Subtask 3 of the CESSDA Agenda 21-24, Tasks 21-22, Cross Pillar Activities Task 1: CESSDA Resource Directory. Its main purpose is to review how fit the Zotero/Resource Directory is as a platform for the tools directory (TD), also taking into account outputs from other projects. In addition to the CESSDA Resource Directory (RD), five existing resource directory services were reviewed in order to discover similarities and differences between resources covered there and in the TD, to explore features that are available for management and discovery of these resources, and to assess if any of the existing services can be used for the needs of the tools directory. The results show that TD should be kept as a part of the RD because both have a similar purpose and the same audience, so this will enable the discovery of all relevant resources in one place. Also, in this way, there is no need to develop separate policies for tools; they can rather be included in general RD policies, as is now the case. The new CESSDA Web platform can potentially offer some or all desirable features for the tools directory.
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09/01/2023 17:54
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