Nicephor[e]: A web-based solution for teaching forensic and scientific photography


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Nicephor[e]: A web-based solution for teaching forensic and scientific photography
Forensic Science International
Voisard  R., Champod  C., Furrer  J., Curchod  J., Vautier  A., Massonnet  G., Buzzini  P.
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Nicephor[e] is a project funded by "Swiss Virtual Campus" and aims at creating a distant or mixed web-based learning system in forensic and scientific photography and microscopy. The practical goal is to organize series of on-line modular courses corresponding to the educational requirements of undergraduate academic programs. Additionally, this program could be used in the context of continuing educational programs. The architecture of the project is designed to guarantee a high level of knowledge in forensic and scientific photographic techniques, and to have an easy content production and the ability to create a number of different courses sharing the same content. The e-learning system Nicephor[e] consists of three different parts. The first one is a repository of learning objects that gathers all theoretical subject matter of the project such as texts, animations, images, and films. This repository is a web content management system (Typo3) that permits creating, publishing, and administrating dynamic content via a web browser as well as storing it into a database. The flexibility of the system's architecture allows for an easy updating of the content to follow the development of photographic technology. The instructor of a course can decide which modular contents need to be included in the course, and in which order they will be accessed by students. All the modular courses are developed in a learning management system (WebCT or Moodle) that can deal with complex learning scenarios, content distribution, students, tests, and interaction with instructor. Each course has its own learning scenario based on the goals of the course and the student's profile. The content of each course is taken from the content management system. It is then structured in the learning management system according to the pedagogical goals defined by the instructor. The modular courses are created in a highly interactive setting and offer autoevaluating tests to the students. The last part of the system is a digital assets management system (Extensis Portfolio). The practical portion of each course is to produce images of different marks or objects. The collection of all this material produced, indexed by the students and corrected by the instructor is essential to the development of a knowledge base of photographic techniques applied to a specific forensic subject. It represents also an extensible collection of different marks from known sources obtained under various conditions. It allows to reuse these images for creating image-based case files.
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