The 2003-2005 Swiss research program on DRGs : [special issue]


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The 2003-2005 Swiss research program on DRGs : [special issue]
Holly, A., Schenker, L. 
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/ under the dir. of Alberto Holly and Luc Schenker
Pays : Suisse
Date de publication : 2006
Signature indexation : ind 20060907/tbr
Langue : anglais
Numéro de revue | Bibliothèque : CDSP DI Hospices/CHUV | Cote : PUB-ART-REGIO | N° 59142
184 p. : ill. ; 30 cm
Holly, Alberto [Dir.] ; Schenker, Luc [Dir.]
Revue économique et sociale, 2006, Vol. 64, June, special issue
[Contents] - p. 5: Background to the 2003-2005 research program on DRGs in Switzerland / Luc Schenker. - p. 7-11: Introduction / Alberto Holly. - Part I. Incentive mechanisms in the context of the DRG prospective payment system : - p. 13-30: Cost variability, quality of care and hospitals' payment systems / Michel Mougeot, François Maréchal. - p. 31-52: The country of diversity: adjusting hospital payments for heterogeneity in Switzerland / Brigitte Dormont, Carine Milcent, Béatrice Desquins, Jacques Huguenin. - p. 53-76: Constructing producer price indices for the health care sector: the case of the hospital sector / Alberto Holly, Hélène Chevrou-Séverac, Tiago Rribeiro. - Part II. Choice of groupers and their properties : - p. 77-82: SwissDRG Project - Selection and choice of a new grouper for Switzerland / Luc Schenker - p. 83-94: New approaches to reimbursement schemes based on PCSs and their comparison / Alfio Marazzi, Lucien Gardiol, Hong Dung Duong. - p. 95-110: Methodological rules with a view to helvitise a DRG-grouper / Jean-Jacques Chalé, Hong Dung Duong, Alfio Marazzi, Danielle Meylan. - p. 111-144: Base-DRGs, fractionation coefficient and treemaps for the assessment of the relative clinical homogeneity of DRG systems / Wolfram Fischer. - Part III. Selected topics : - p. 145-150: A better equity in financing intensive care units with improved Swiss-APDRG / Jean-Jacques Chalé, Luc Schenker. - p. 151-154: AAG: Activity Analysis Groups : proposal for the use of the APDRG grouper in Switzerland / Jean-Jacques Chalé, Luc Schenker, Hong Dung Duong. - p. 155-162: DRGs and Nursing / Jean-Claude Rey, Anne Berthou, Alain Junger, Brian Frischknecht. - p. 163-184: Medication reimbursement with an APDRG-based financing system / Anne Decollogny, Hélène Chevrou-Severac, Jean-Daniel Koch.
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