Please die during office hours : periodicity of cardiovascular events in switzerland between 1969 and 2007


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A Master's thesis.
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Please die during office hours : periodicity of cardiovascular events in switzerland between 1969 and 2007
Reavey M.
Marques-Vidal P.
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Université de Lausanne, Faculté de biologie et médecine
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Purpose: to evaluate and compare the periodical patterns of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD), including acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and stroke in the Swiss population between the years 1969 and 2007.¦Methods: Swiss mortality database for the period of 1969- 2007 (2'362'430 deaths overall). The number of deaths due to CVD, AMI and stroke according to the time of day, day of the week and month were assessed, overall and after dividing the events according to gender and age (< 65 or ≥65 years old).¦Results: In general and for all four subgroups according to age and sex, there is a daily variation in the number of deaths with a first peak in the morning (8h00 -12h00) and a smaller second peak in the late afternoon (14h - 18h). Both males and females have similar hourly patterns, although the magnitude of the difference diminishes in older patients particularly for people who die from stroke. For the weekly variation, there seems to be a significant trend only in the younger population with the lowest mortality rates on Sunday and the highest on Mondays for all diseases. When it comes to seasonal variation according to month, the trend is more significant in the elder patients with the highest death rates during the winter months (+31%) and the lowest in the summer (July/August).¦Conclusion: There is a timely pattern for CVD, AMI and stroke deaths in Switzerland. This pattern changes according to the age and sex of the patients. Knowing this trend, its triggering factors and consequences, perhaps there could be measures put in place to prevent, diagnose and treat the population which is the most vulnerable at certain times.
Trends, pattern, seasonality, CVD, AMI, stroke, hourly variation, daily, death rate, Switzerland
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