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Mycorrhizal fungal diversity determines plant biodiversity, ecosystem variability and productivity

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ID Serval serval:BIB_2B45C4CA31A8
Type de publication
Article: article d'un périodique ou d'un magazine.
Collection Publications
Fonds Production externe
Auteur(s) van der Heijden M.G.A., Klironomos J.N., Ursic M., Moutoglis P., Streitwolf-Engel R., Boller T., Wiemken A., Sanders I.R.
Titre Mycorrhizal fungal diversity determines plant biodiversity, ecosystem variability and productivity
Périodique Nature
Statut éditorial Publié
Année 1998
Volume 396
Numéro 6706
Pages 69-72
Langue anglais
Résumé The functioning and stability of terrestrial ecosystems are determined by plant biodiversity and species composition(1-5). However. the ecological mechanisms by which plant biodiversity and species composition are regulated and maintained are not well understood. These mechanisms need to be identified to ensure successful management for conservation and restoration of diverse natural ecosystems. Here we showby using two- independent but complementary ecological experiments that below-ground diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) is a major factor contributing to the maintenance of plant biodiversity and to ecosystem functioning. At low AMF diversity the plant species composition and overall structure of microcosms that simulate European calcareous grassland fluctuate greatly when the AMF taxa that are present are changed. Plant biodiversity nutrient capture and productivity in macrocosms that simulate North American old-fields increase significantly with increasing AMF-species richness. These results emphasize the need to protect AMF and to consider these fungi in future management practices in order to maintain diverse ecosystems. Our results also show that microbial interactions can drive ecosystem functions such as plant biodiversity productivity and variability.
ISBN/ISSN 0028-0836
DOI 10.1038/23932
Référence externe Web of Science : 000076852700054
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